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SurvivalCraft 2 APK is a Android application that's developed by the founders of the original game and is a must have for your own survivalist for you personally. It allows you to make your own virtual sport roomsplay online games, download and burn the most recent SurvivalCraft games, and also download some of the older games that you may still have downloaded.
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You are marooned on the shores of a vast blocky world. Investigate, mine assets, make devices and weapons, make traps, and develop plants. Tailor garments and chase more than 30 genuine creatures for food and purchases. Manufacture a safe house to endure cold evenings and offer your universes on the web. Ride ponies, camels, or jackasses and crowd steers to shield them from hunters. Shoot your way through the stone with explosives.

Assemble complex electric gadgets. Art custom furnishings. Paint. Use cylinders to assemble moving machines: Homestead yields and plant trees. Make and join 40 unique garments to shield yourself from assaults and climate or to look savvy. Play with up to 3 companions utilizing the split-screen. Conceivable outcomes are limitless in this long-running sandbox endurance and development survival craft game arrangement.

  • Increased number of stock spaces to 10
  • Fixed glitches when such a large number of complex squares in a single spot of survival craft free
  • Added level island mode
  • Added Great White sharks
  • Tools update in survival craft free download
  • Terrain age update
  • New lighting model
  • Food takes more time to spoil; spoiled food transforms into manure with survival craft online.
  • Raindrops produce particles when striking the ground.
  • Added beginning area choice: Easy, Medium, and Hard
  • Added Mimosa trees in survivalcraft 2 mod apk

What's new

Terrain height doubled to 256 blocks
Increased number of inventory slots to 10
Fixed glitches when too many complex blocks in one place
Added flat island mode
Added Great White sharks
Tools overhaul
Terrain generation overhaul
New lighting model
Food takes longer to rot, rotten food turns into compost
Rain drops generate particles when striking ground
Added starting location option: Easy, Medium and Hard
Added Mimosa trees
... and many more: full list of over 70 changes on our website